Unsolicited StrapDoctor Testimonials

wanted to share that StrapDoctor makes these magical products that are one of life's magnificent little delights, solving a problem so easily and practically - try some!I

Kristen W., Victoria, B.C.

received my package yesterday. Thank you very much. I've been wearing them all morning and have had NOT ONE slippage yet! Yeah!!

Are you selling them in stores in the US yet? If not, YOU SHOULD!!! They'd be a hit!

Thank you very much for your clever invention!

Kim H., Warren, MI

Now that I've been wearing them for several days, I'm even more impressed!! Thank you so much!!!

Kim H., Warren, MI

Hi, I just received my pair last week. Thanks very much for the quick service. The product does indeed work very well for me. I did not have to pull up my bra staps once today -this is a major event in my life....I just sent another order for the regular size. I am very glad I stumbled onto the website.

I am going to send a link to your website to everyone I know. I can't tell you how many hundreds of dollars of bras I have thrown out because the straps falling off continually. Your product is a great value. I am 46 years old now and I have had this problem my whole adult life. I also wear a 40DD and I am not the kind of person that can to without a bra - ever---

I found the link to your website by Googling "why won't my bra straps stay up!!??"

If you want to send my anything I wouldn't mind to try a black or a thin pair, but please feel free to use my testimonial. Also, when you send my order, maybe you could include a few of your business cards with your phone number and address that I could pass out to people that don't have the internet at home.

Good for you for your ingenious invention. Nice to see a Canadian small business started by a women as well. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen B, Winnipeg MB.

I love the strapdoctor which I ordered recently. Could you please send me four more packages of the regular width.

Barbara L., New Smyrna Beach, FL

Just wanted to let you know that I love your product. And as an Islander I'm proud to see such great innovation so close to home.

Hayley M, Charlottetown, PE

I received my strap holders 2 days ago and I love them. I have tried about everything to solve my slipping straps problem,(the latest being pinning them to whatever top I am wearing. That is ok when sweaters cover up turtle necks...but summer clothing presents a real problem. I am so happy I came acrossed your web site. I only ordered 1 pair, but now wished I had ordered more. I will be doing that shortly. Oh, by the way, I have been sharing "my" secret with my friends. It's amazing how many women have this problem. Thank you for "inventing" this product. You have removed one big frustration from my life....A BIG thank you.

Nancy J., Falconer, NY

I love these!! Finally I have found something to help stop my bra straps from slipping. I will definitely be getting more!! Thanks again!!

Michelle B, Hackettstown, NJ

A girlfriend here in my office ordered some and loved them, so I'm following suit!

Thanks again

Kay O., Waterloo, ON

Oh my gosh girl, I just recieved my order yersteday and I am down to one pair already. I have given the others to friends because they should know about a great product! Why haven't we seen you on one of Oprah's bra shows :-)

By the way, thanks for being an APO friendly business. There are thousands of us overseas who appreciate that effort.

Vicki M., U.S. Military, overseas

Thank you very much for the StrapDoctors. I love them and now I can walk and do other activities and not worry about straps following down.

Lorna J., Summerside, PE

Yesterday, I received the package of strap controllers that you sent! The package looked very unassuming - but what a difference those little straps have made! When the package came, I immediately changed into one of my problem bras (with satin straps)! First, I was surprised at how easily the strips attached - and stayed in place on the bra straps. I wore the bra for the rest of the day and the straps never slid once!

I'm going to go to your website to see if I can somehow convey my rave review of your product, to encourage people to give it a try! The StrapDoctor product should be sold everywhere bras are sold, as an on-the-counter item!

Thank you for your kindness and follow-through with my order. I'll be back for more, I'm sure! You should really have a conspicuous place on your website where customers can rave about your product! If there is one, I couldn\'t find it - and I would love to spread the word about how fantastic your product is.

Nita V., Silver Springs, MD

These are going to be a big hit, I can just tell from looking at them, they are fantastic.

I'm off to The Bridal Suite today to show these to the owner, she loves new ideas that no one else has especially ones like these that work, I can see us doing a lot of business in the future, as we have a lot of new ventures in the pipeline. Thank you so much.

Jeannie L., Holywood, N. Ireland, UK

Hi and I love StrapDoctor! Yes, I used to have my hand down my neck fishing for a bra strap located around my elbow - it was terrible!

Lisa S., Walnut Creek, CA

Thanks so much for this creative idea that has been a true blessing since I discovered them and have been using them for almost a year.

Since I started wearing a bra, some 50 years ago, I have had problems with the straps slipping off my shoulders. I have been fitted with bras and been told that now, the straps will not fall down. Wrong.. they still did. It was so frustrating and uncomfortable and made me feel very self conscious as I was always pulling up my straps.

Last year I was at Esteem Lingerie, in West Kelowna, BC. and asked them about anything they might know of that could help me out. They offered the Strap Doctor and I couldn't believe it. For the next few days I kept phoning my friend to say that my straps hadn't fallen down yet. She always chuckled, but she had no idea what it meant to me to not have to be constantly pulling up my bra straps.

Thank you for these and it also makes me happy to know I am supporting a Canadian made idea and product, made in Canada.

I had just mentioned this product to a friend and how wonderful they were and she now has another mutual friend of ours who needs them so I have forwarded your information to her. She will love them as I do.

Sincerely and very comfortable with bras now.

Anne Miller, Kelowna, BC