Instructions and FAQ

What's The Secret Behind The StrapDoctor™?

Simplicity of course! Let the science of our gripping technology do the hard work for you.
It's an easy way to start your morning and stays in place all day long.
Note: Now that you no longer have slipping, sliding and falling bra straps, you may wish to loosen your straps for a more comfortable fit.


2. No slipping bra straps!


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Q: What is it?
A: StrapDoctor™ is a small bra strap accessory of unique material that goes underneath your bra strap to keep it from slipping.

Q: How does it work?
A: Magically! When StrapDoctor™ is placed underneath your bra strap, the non-slip material is positioned against your skin, which then prevents the bra strap from sliding and falling down.

Q: Can you see it beneath my clothing?
A: No, StrapDoctor™ is designed to be totally concealed beneath your existing straps.

Q: Is it reusable?
A: Absolutely. Generally speaking, your StrapDoctor™ straps should last for 8-12 weeks or more. Wear is determined by how often they are worn, how they are laundered and surprisingly enough by the amount of body oil produced. Due to the fact that some women naturally produce more body oil than others, we cannot guarantee how long they will last.

Q: How do I wash / care for StrapDoctor™?
A: The same way you would a bra. Either wash it attached to the bra straps using the delicate setting of the washing machine, or wash by hand. We do not recommend putting StrapDoctor™ in the dryer.

Q: I have sensitive skin…is this a product for me?
A: StrapDoctor™ is manufactured using only high quality materials so the chance of skin irritation is remote. However, as with all products, if irritation occurs we recommend discontinuing use.

Q: What else can I use StrapDoctor™ on besides my bra straps?
A: How about tank tops, spaghetti straps on dresses or lingerie straps? We've even had women wear it on their socks to keep them from sliding down their legs!