StrapCo Canada Inc. is here for you.

Invented by a woman (of course!) StrapDoctor™ is a small but mighty solution to slipping, sliding and falling bra straps, camisole straps and even swimsuit straps.
It is your must have bra accessory.

The annoyance of pulling up bra straps is now a thing of the past with StrapDoctor™.

Sharon Phillips, retired business owner and professional bra fitter for over 25 years and Suzanne Sottana, graduate of Apparel Design and professional bra fitter, own and operate StrapCo Canada Inc., the Makers of StrapDoctor™.

We are a proud Canadian and Manitoba owned and operated company supplying women all over the world with this small but mighty miracle strip known as StrapDoctor™.  We constantly receive emails, cards and letters full of appreciation for this product.

We both love StrapDoctor™ and we love the way it has changed so many women's lives. Removing such a constant annoyance helps women feel so much happier.  This makes us so much happier and eager to continue our mission of "curing slipping, sliding and falling bra straps" for all women regardless of bra size, age or body shape.

Women supporting women.